Test Evidence Suite

The Test Evidence Suite consists of a "software black box" recorder and separate app to analyze the recordings.

The Test Evidence Recorder runs in the background capturing every keypress and mouse click made by a user, along with screen shots for each action.

The recording is saved to a single file that can be sent to your dev team for analysis and review - find out what a user did to trigger a bug.

The recording may also be exported to a PDF or Word file and archived as part of your QA validation process.

Test Evidence has proved particularly popular in the medical field to prove the provisioning and configuration of devices prior to them being supplied to users.

Some of our Customers

Some of our customers

Compatible with Windows 11

What Our Customers Say

Test Evidence has significantly improved our test execution speed and test quality. It isn’t often that a tool provides both speed and quality improvements.
Keith Doney, IT QA Manager, MEDAVANTE

Test Evidence Suite allows the tester to focus on the task of testing the software, not the task of evidence capture.
Kevin Greenhalgh, Quality Assurance Test Engineer, NewField IT Limited

[Before Test Evidence an] average capture would cost 10 minutes per test... The minimum saved has been 50%, in truth this is nearly 70% as the tester only has to record, verify, export and save.
Response to ROI Questionnaire

PDF Export with Mouse Text

Compliance Evidencing

Test Evidence is in use by organisations within regulated industries as part of their TQM processes to evidence their Verification and Validation (V&V) processes and procedures.

Export recordings to PDF or Word for archiving.

Reviewer application

Streamline Dev / Test

Automated capture of every key press and mouse click simplifies bug reporting. While developers use the Reviewer app to hone in on the root cause.
Customers report a 50% to 70% decrease in time to create reports.

Recording Options

Simplify UAT Reporting

TestEvidence is a software black box, constantly tracking user activity and retaining a set period of history.

If a bug occurs the user simply passes the recording onto the development team without needing to take screen shots or write up what they thought they did.

Full flexibility on the level of detail captured.

Simplify Documentation Creation

Export a recording to a Word document to form the foundations of how to documents.
Simple one-click export of any image from the Reviewer app to the clipboard.

Recorder application

Flexible Capture

The Test Evidence Recorder can capture interaction with a single application, a single display screen or all screens of the target computer.

The Steps Recorder done properly!

Multi display capture

Handles Multiple Displays

Record activity across multiple monitors.

Hot Keys and Task bar controls

Notes and Secrets

Add live notes for the developers to a recording.

Typing a password? Turn on the Secret Keys mode to prevent the recording of the actual keys pressed.

Control the recording with custom hotkeys, from the app or via the taskbar controls.