This section provides a brief overview of terms used in this documentation.

Ad-Hoc Testing

Informal product testing carried out by a wider base of non-specialised users. This may be a closed beta release or role out to a group of early adopters.

This group, while aware that there may be issues, are not focused on testing.

Formal Testing

Traditional testing where a specialized tester (or automated tool) follows a script to determine if a product or process behaves as expected.

Test Recorder App

The windows application used to record user activity to a .tra file.

Test Reviewer App

The windows application used to analyze a .tra archive file.

.Tra File

A Test Recorder Archive file containing the recorded activity.

This is the output of the Test Recorder and the input to the Test Reviewer.

Installing Test Evidence associates the .tra extension with the Test Reviewer app.

UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

Formal or semi-formal testing carried out by a small, selectively chosen, group of potential users of a product.

This group is aware that they are expected to find and report issues.