License Management

Applying a License

There are two ways to apply a license to the Test Recorder or Test Reviewer:

  1. During the trial, or when the trial has expired, and

  2. Any other time.

During the trial

During the trial period, or when the trial period expires, you will see a dialog box like the one below.


To enter your license code:

  1. From the e-mail that you recieved after purchase, copy the code into the clipboard.

  2. Click on the “Enter License…” button and paste the code into the text box.

  3. Click the Apply License button.

The license code will be checked and any errors shown to you. If the code is ok then you’ll see a confirmation screen.

At any other time

You can access the license details at any time from the Test Recorder or Test Reviewer.


To access license details from Recorder

  • Click the Options button

  • Click on the Manage License tab

To access license details from Reviewer

At the top right of the main ribbon bar, click on the License button.

The License Details dialog shows you your current license code and its details.


To enter a new license code, click on the “Enter License Code” button and paste the new code into the text box.

Click on the Use License button to validate the newly entered code.


There is no need to apply the license to both the Test Recorder and Test Reviewer. Once one is licensed the other is automatically licensed too.

Moving A License

A license seat may be moved from one computer to another by deactivating it on the first computer and then licensing the second computer as described above.

On the computer that currently has a license:

  1. Open the License Details dialog.

  2. Click the Deactivate button.

  3. Close the TestEvidence Player or Reviewer

The license seat is now free to be registered on another computer in the normal way.