Test Evidence Overview

Test Evidence works like a computer’s “black box” recorder. It sits in the background observing and recording the user’s activity.

Like an aircraft black box, Test Evidence retains a user defined amount of history (typically 5 to 10 minutes).

Test Evidence is not a video recorder. It was designed and built by software engineers specifically to capture the information they need to help them analyse errors.

Test Evidence is used in two ways:

  1. When testing, Test Evidence provides the development team with a full history of what actions the user took. This saves the users having to try to remember what they did just before an error occurred.

  2. For compliance evidencing, a Test Evidence recording provides a detailed, date stamped record proving that a specific activity was undertaken.

Capture to analysis flow

The Test Recorder app creates a .tra file which is analyzed by the Test Reviewer app.

Test Recorder App

Test Evidence Recorder App

What is Recorded

The Test Recorder app can capture:

  • All displays on your computer.

  • A specific display.

  • A specific application.

All Displays

Recorder's All Displays option

All Displays captures full screen images of all displays attached to your computer.

Single Display

Recording a Single Display

If you wish to record a single display then the Identify Displays button will overlay each display to let you know which is which.

Display with identifier overlay

Display with identifier overlay

Specific Application

Recording a specific app

Recording a specific application

Test Reviewer App

The Test Evidence Recorder saves its recordings to a file with a .tra (Test Recorder Archive) extension.

The .tra files are opened in the Test Reviewer application for later analysis.

The .tra files may be archived as proof of test execution, attached to issues in an issue tracker or emailed to others.

Some organizations choose to export the .tra contents to a PDF file and archive that.

Test Evidence Reviewer App

The Test Reviewer is used to analyze a tra archive.