Recorder Controls

This section describes all of the actions that may be performed with the Test Recorder.

What is Recorded

The Test Recorder app can capture:

  • All displays on your computer.

  • A specific display.

  • A specific application.

All Displays

All Displays captures full screen images of all displays attached to your computer.

Recorder's All Displays option
Single Display

The Specific Display option enables you to capture just the images from one of the displays attached to your computer.

Recording a Single Display

The Identify Displays button will overlay each display to let you know which is which.

Display with identifier overlay

Display with identifier overlay

Specific Application

The Specific Application option lets you capture the image of one specified application.

The application to record is selected from the drop down list. Clicking the double arrow button will refresh the list of open applications.

Recording a specific app

Recording a specific application

Controlling a Recording

Start Recording

Starts a new Test Evidence recording.

Secret Keys

When you want to hide what you’re typing. All keys are recorded as if “#” was pressed.


Temporarily stops recording.

Add Note

Lets you add a text note.


Stops recording and saves the .tra file.


Opens the Options Dialog. See the Recorder Options page

Hot Keys

These key combinations may be used to trigger the corresponding action without needing to click on the application. See Hot Keys for information on changing the hot keys.

Task Bar Buttons

Test Evidence Recorder may be controlled from the task bar.

This provides quick access to the main controls and notification of the current state of the application (recording, paused, etc.)

To access the task bar controls, hover the mouse over the Recorder’s task bar icon.