Recorder Options

This section describes all of the settings that apply to the Test Recorder.

The Options are accessed by clicking the Options button on the Recorder app.

What’s Captured

Treat Auto Repeated Keys as One Event

Holding down a key causes it to repeat for as long as the key is pressed. This setting records such a case as a single key press rather than lots of separate key presses.

Simple Key History

Records a key stroke as single key press event rather than separate key down and key up events.

Ignore Key Down Up for Letters & Digits

If Simple Key History is off, this records letter and number key events as key presses while still recording key down/up for other keys.

Mouse Events

Selects which, if any, mouse events are to be captured.

Retain Past Minutes of History

The maximum length of time that user events are retained for. Events older than this period are not saved.

Image Quality

Defines the quality of the captured images.

  • Low is best for full screen captures.

  • Low is best for speed and small file size.

  • High is ideal for documentation creation.

  • High creates larger files and may slow down low end computers.


Hide Privacy Warning

Stops the privacy warning pop-up from being shown when the recorder starts.

Show Identify Displays for…

The number of seconds for which the display number overlay is shown when the user clicks on Identify Displays.

Ask User to Provide Comments

If checked presents the User Comments input when the recording is stopped.

The comments are stored in the .tra file and are visible in the recorder or in a PDF / Word export.

Minimise When Recording Starts

Minimises the recorder to the notification area when a recording starts.

If minimised, click the task bar icon to restore.

Archive Files

File Naming Behaviour

By default the archive (.tra) files are stored with an automatically generated file name.

The filename is derived from the date / time when the recording started. E.g. 2019-09-03 15_19_13.596.tra

The User Specifies… option allows the user to supply a custom filename.

Temporary Files

If the computer crashes while the Test Recorder is running then raw image and data files are left in the target folder. The reviewer can open these unprocessed files to allow investigation from errors that may crash the computer.

Store Captured Files In…
User Specifies when Stop Recording Clicked

The user is presented with a normal windows Save dialog and may select the folder and filename for saving.

My Documents \ Test Evidence Suite

The .tra file is saved to a folder called Test Evidence Suite under the user’s My Documents folder.

Custom Folder

The .tra file is saves to the specified folder.

Clean Up Captured Files Folder

This button deletes any raw image and data files from the capture folder.


When a .tra file is created its temporary files are automatically removed, so this is only required if the computer crashes while Test Recorder is running.

Hot Keys


Hot keys allow the recorder’s functionality to be triggered without clicking on the application.

For example, holding down the Control, Alt and S keys starts a recording.

Hot key combinations are global across the whole computer. Only one application may register a specific hot key combination and the first one to do so wins.

The green tick indicates that the selected combination is available to Test Recorder. If the key combination is already in use by another app then a red cross is shown instead.


Setting a Key Combination

The Key drop down lists all suitable keys. Typing in the drop down box filters the keys shown.


The Modifier drop down lets you select one, or more, of Alt, Ctrl and Shift.


Remote Desktop


Remote desktop sessions do not automatically allow key strokes to be recorded. However, if Test Recorder knows that it is interacting with a remote desktop session then it can take steps to record key strokes.

There is no automatic way for Test Recorder to determine if it is interacting with a remote desktop session. Therefore, if the caption of an application contains any of the words in the text box, Test Recorder will apply the necesary steps to enable key stroke recording.

Manage License

To work with Test Evidence licenses, see Applying a License.