Test Evidence Suite

The Test Evidence Suite consists of two Windows applications: the Test Recorder and the Test Reviewer.

Test Recorder

The Test Recorder tracks the user's activity. Each time the user performs an action (mouse click or key press) the Test Recorder stores this information, along with an image of the screen at that point in time.

Capture options

You have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to configuring Test Recorder. From how may minutes of history to maintain to how much detail is captured.


Recording options

The Test Recorder operates in the foreground. It only records when a user tells it to and it very clearly indicates when it is recording.


What to record

Test Recorder is compatible with multiple screen setups. You can tell it to record only one display or all of them.

Recording a single application avoids capturing actions that have no relevance. This is great for producing images for documentation.


Hot keys

User configurable hot keys allow transparent control of Test Recorder while running applications.

Test Reviewer

The Test Reviewer "plays" the archives created by the Test Recorder.

Reviewer Application

The reviewer can follow the user's actions step by step, forwards and backwards, and can jump to any individual action.

PDF Report

PDF Export

Exporting a PDF of the recording allows retention of a permanent copy of the test. Individual events may be selected or deselected to reduce the size of the exported PDF.

Demo Videos

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