About Us

The Test Evidence Suite is a product of a small team, located in the West of Scotland, who are passionate about software delivery.

Our backgrounds include the design and delivery of Enterprise software in global regulated markets. We have a good feel for the problems around testing and compliance, having worked world wide, at senior levels, with various combinations of:

Why We Created Test Evidence

We created the Test Evidence Suite after talking to one of our customers about bug and issue reporting. They said that it was difficult to report ad-hoc errors because, when something went wrong, they weren’t in the mind set to recall exactly what they’d done.

We thought that it would be useful to have something that tracked exactly what a user did, in a format that would aid us as developers and in a manner that did not inconvenience the users. We looked around for such a tool and couldn’t find one. Yes, you can record user sessions as videos, but this creates enormous files that are awkward to examine forensically, and so the Test Evidence Suite was born.

Once our customers started using the early version it quickly became clear that its use extended beyond the recording of ad-hoc errors. They started to use it to evidence the execution of functional and UAT tests. This encouraged us to turn an internal tool into a commercial product.

Did the Windows Steps Recorder Change Anything?

In a word, no. The Windows Steps Recorder has to be consiously started by the user when they expect an error to occur in the next few key presses or mouse clicks. TestEvidence is always on to capture the unexpected.

The Test Evidence Recorder is the only "fire and forget" tool that does not require active user participation.